Breaking boundaries and defying convention, The NIGHTCRASHERS are the latest creative phenomenon to erupt out of the speakers.

Both originally from Paris, Charles Prince and DJ Jojo met in London. Individually established as two of the West End’s hottest DJs, they realised that combining their distinct styles and experience was an explosive formula.

This unique blend of energy sparked into the NIGHTCRASHERS. Fuelled by their years experience playing from dingy basements to the world’s most exclusive parties, the NIGHTCRASHERS know what makes crowds move.

Like their incendiary DJ sets, The NIGHTCRASHERS’ sound is a cocktail of different genres: Hip Hop, Electro, House, Rock and Ethnic; with equal measures of edgy, funky, grimy and wild; shaken up and served “à la Molotov”.

Charles and Jojo’s subtle differences becomes a fully blown conversation in sound, giving birth to a music oxymoron which the NIGHTCRASHERS describe as “Sexy/Ugly” – an unequivocal ‘polished grit.

Their fearless use of bone crushing baselines, loud banging drums and hypnotic melodies is the NIGHTCRASHERS trademark.

From fun to sin, these uninvited nocturnal party crashers leave any dance floor shattered and looking forward to the after shock.

The NIGHTCRASHERS are currently working on new original material for themselves as well as remixes for underground and mainstream artists. They are also co-producing tracks with their label-mate Adam J.

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